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Player 2019 film da scaricare There will be different scenarios for the cast members to go through, but there is a rule that they have to follow without fail: they are not allowed to laugh throughout. For every time a cast member laughs, ₩10,000 will be deducted instantly from his appearance fee, and get wet from his head by water coming out from the water backpack that each cast member will carry throughout. At the end of each scenario, the cast member with the least amount of money deducted will have his appearance fee paid in full. Player 2019 siti per vedere film

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titolo Player
generi Comedy
Prima data aerea 2019-07-14
Ultima data di trasmissione 2019-09-15
Runtime episodio 01 Hours 25 Minutes
Stagione totale(s) 1
Totale episodi in All Seasons 10
società di produzione Unknown

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