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Another burning sensation from the producer of the Towering Inferno.
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Fire! 1977 film da scaricare The sheer terror and unearthly beauty of a raging forest fire is breathlessly captured in this compelling Irwin Allen production boasting a big-name cast and enough blazing special effects to turn night into day. Involved are a lumber mill owner (Ernest Borgnine), the widowed operator of a forest lodge (Vera Miles), a teacher on a class outing (Donna Mills), a country doctor (Lloyd Nolan), a couple (Patty Duke Astin and Alex Cord) whose shaky marriage is healed when battling the blaze brings out their better natures, and escaping convicts (Neville Brand and Erik Estrada) who use the conflagration to cover their tracks. Like Allen’s crowd-pleasers The Poseidon Adventure and The Towering Inferno, Fire sizzles with suspense and excitement. Turn up the heat! Fire! 1977 siti per vedere film

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