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Survive The Holidays
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The Darkest Hour 2011 film da scaricare In Moscow, five young people lead the charge against an alien race which has attacked Earth via our power supply. The Darkest Hour 2011 siti per vedere film

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titolo The Darkest Hour
data di rilascio 2011-12-22
generi Horror Action Thriller Science Fiction
società di produzione Regency Enterprises, Bazelevs Production, The Jacobson Company, New Regency Pictures, Summit Entertainment
Paesi di produzione United States of America, Russia

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**When the electric mist from the sky struck down.** This film came five years ago, but I watched it now. A US-Russian collaboration product that's entirely takes place in Moscow. This is an alien invasion theme, but slightly different than those similar films. It never gives the reason, just the destructions like apocalypse on its way. That means it is about the survival. A group of Americans who are in the Moscow for different reasons joins the hands after people started to turn into ashes with the contact of the strange electric mist that came from the sky. So what's their plan now and whether they get out of it safely or not focused on the remaining film. Surely some people would enjoy it. It's not all bad if you are not expecting a masterpiece. I should have seen it in digital 3D for a better experience, even the normal watch is not that bad. The turns in the story were unpredictable, particularly the film characters, but the twist wasn't. They kept the open ending, and you know why is that. I liked the performances, not individually, but the overall everyone, including the Russians. The film was also shorter, which means fast moving tale. The graphics were okay, especially those electric mist thing, but disappointed for not show the aliens other than for fractions of seconds during the fightbacks. Despite enjoyed watching it, I'm not in favour of it, because it's just one of those films that falls in the average category where the majority of those who watched it not happy for not detailing everything in the film. _4/10_

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