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The Captain 2017 film da scaricare Germany, 1945. Soldier Willi Herold, a deserter of the German army, stumbles into a uniform of Nazi captain abandoned during the last and desperate weeks of the Third Reich. Newly emboldened by the allure of a suit that he has stolen only to stay warm, Willi discovers that many Germans will follow the leader, whoever he is. The Captain 2017 siti per vedere film

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titolo The Captain
data di rilascio 2017-09-21
generi War Drama History
società di produzione Hands-on Producers, Filmgalerie 451, Alfama Films, Opus Film, Facing East, Eurimages, Worst Case Entertainment, Canal+, Ciné+
Paesi di produzione China, France, Germany, Poland

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Far from being blockbuster slop that slides from mind an hour after it ends, Robert Schwentke’s first independent feature makes me want to seek out his earlier German films, like ‘Tattoo’ and ‘Eierdiebe’. ‘The Captain’ is a thoughtful, brutal and morbidly amusing study of the corrupting nature of power and the rise of evil. - Jake Watt Read Jake's full article...

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