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A Blast With Both Barrels Blazing!
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Dead in Tombstone 2013 film da scaricare An outlaw named Guerrero Hernandez is shot in the back and killed whilst attempting to free his half-brother from a small-town prison. Making a deal with the devil, Hernandez returns from the dead to take his revenge. Dead in Tombstone 2013 siti per vedere film

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titolo Dead in Tombstone
data di rilascio 2013-10-01
generi Western Action Fantasy Horror Drama
società di produzione Rebel Entertainment, CC Capital Arts Entertainment SRL, Universal 1440 Entertainment
Paesi di produzione United States of America

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Per Gunnar Jonsson
Danny Trejo on a violent rampage for revenge after having been revived by Satan himself. That certainly sounded promising to me. Unfortunately the movie is somewhat underwhelming. It is not all bad but certainly not as good as I hoped. It is a rather uneven movie. Some parts are just great and some parts are fairly poor. It starts of quite well with Guerrero liberating one of his gang member just to eventually be betrayed by his own gang. Then it becomes quite uneven. Mickey Rourke as Satan did not do well for me. He mostly looked like an irritating fat slob. I would have expected something a bit more…satanic. I liked Danny Trejo though. Then I mostly do like Danny Trejo. Some people complain that he only has two facial expressions, grim and grimmer. Well, to me, that is how it is supposed to be. If it is not broken then do not fix it. Danny Trejo should do what he does best and that is to play a grim and dangerous son of a bitch. A lot of the movie was somewhat illogical and I do not mean the supernatural bits. The second half felt choppy and the behavior of people rather illogical even nonsensical. For instance, take the scene where the townsfolk march up against the Sheriff’s office with Cavanaugh and Clark in it and not only do Clark not seem to realize the shit they are in but he starts to badmouth Cavanaugh & Co right in front of him. Yeah, right, the survival instincts versus stupidity ratio was rather unfavorable on that one. I did not regret buying the Blu-ray and watching this movie. It is decent enough entertainment although I was expecting a bit more. I also fail to understand why it got an R-rating. I’ve seen movies that were at least as violent which did not get it.

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