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The best never rest.
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RED 2 2013 film da scaricare Retired C.I.A. agent Frank Moses reunites his unlikely team of elite operatives for a global quest to track down a missing portable nuclear device. RED 2 2013 siti per vedere film

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titolo RED 2
data di rilascio 2013-07-18
generi Action Comedy Crime Thriller
società di produzione Di Bonaventura Pictures, Summit Entertainment, DC Comics
Paesi di produzione Canada, France, United States of America

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Johnny V
This movie was a clear example of when studios can't get enough of a good thing. Red didn't need a sequel at all. This cheap attempt at recreating the comedic magic that the the first movie had reminded me plenty of the overkill series of the Hangover. Some things should just be left alone in singular existence. 2/5 Stars is all this got from me.

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