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It's Illegal...It's Immoral...And It's So Damned Good!
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Hooch 1977 film da scaricare Hooch is an inexpensive regional exploitation action-comedy (hicksploitation) about a small county in the Appalachians and its many moonshine-brewing inhabitants, who are all struggling to make a living. The older "brewers" are pissed off at the success of handsome young upstart Eddie Joe, who is charmingly stealing their regular customers. Meanwhile, the owner of the country store (also a moonshiner) conspires with a trio of carpetbagging Mafioso who want to take over the moonshine business in that county as an extension of their Northern business ventures. Hooch 1977 siti per vedere film

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titolo Hooch
data di rilascio 1977-09-02
società di produzione Unknown
Paesi di produzione

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